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Topic: Small chick (5 messages)

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Small chick (5 messages)
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We got a free Partridge Cochin with our batch of chicks. I've read that they're slow to feather, especially males which leads me to believe it is a roo, but he seems to be significantly smaller than the other chicks he came with (Americauna and Whitings). Is he just a slow grower or do I need to be concerned? He's eating and drinking and running around normal. I added a picture of him surrounded by some of the other chicks he came with (he's kind of in the middle, the one that's still pretty fluffy).
4/20/2017 1:25 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
No reason to be concerned. They do take quite a bit longer to feather compared to clean legged breeds. Hard to tell yet if it's a male. Females typically take about the same time to feather out as males with feather footed breeds.
6/14/2017 11:06 AM report abuse
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I ordered my light brahma (females only) from them also. Out of six ordered at 4 weeks of age, 2 end up being pullets and 4 !!! roosters which like yours, were slow feathering. Color seems they got more black than white feathers...really slow feathering on legs also. I asked for my money back (I end up with 4 roosters out of 6 females ordered), and I sent them the pictures as been a week and nothing happened. They came from Waco, TX to Michigan (no issue with delivery...I give them that !) In regards of the breed itself...I compare their growth with hundreds of youtube videos out there, and mine don't look nothing like those in the video (color, size, growth)....disappointed 100%...waste of $$$...$24/chick plus $99 for shipping fee.
6/16/2017 12:32 AM report abuse
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Yes, since this post took 2 months to show up on here our chick has significantly grown and just about caught up with the others he came with. We also now know it's for sure a "he". He's still a little fuzzy on his back end but the rest of him has feathered in nicely
6/16/2017 3:08 PM report abuse

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We got a Partridge Cochin as a free exotic too!
So fuzzy and little for a long long time. He is five weeks old now and no doubt a rooster. His name is Genghis. He's bigger than the Whitings but the same size as the Brahmas and they're all the same age. He has glossy black and reddish-brown feathers--except for his tail which is still pretty fuzzy! lol
His temperament is very nice. He keeps the girls in line but he's not too rough and he lets us hold him.
We love Genghis
7/4/2017 1:18 PM report abuse