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Topic: Nesting boxes (2 messages)

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Nesting boxes (2 messages)
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Farmer Girl 11
Score: 4
I want to build nesting boxes but I am not sure how to. Do you have any ideas?
5/3/2017 3:00 PM report abuse

Score: 9
By now I'm sure you've found lots of pics online and built yourself something splendid. I'd love to see your results!

Here are some pictures of my current nest boxes. We built with stuff we had on hand for the most part, so the only design element was the approximate 14"x 14" size of each nest. I like the sort of "half wall" between the nests, just makes it easier to put the shavings in without spilling. I didn't put linoleum in the bottom (which I did on some past nest boxes), so they are a little harder to clean. Painting the OSB would have helped. The front of my next boxes can easily be removed with screws for serious cleaning.

To build, we first cut appropriate pieces of OSB. I used scrap 2x2 and 2x4 in the corners to screw the OSB to. Then we screwed through the OS to the 2x4 frame inside our coop. The bottom piece of OSB extends out a bit to form a ledge they can jump up on. A narrow piece of OSB forms the front of the boxes, to keep the nesting material inside. The dividers are just 2x6 scrap, and they are attached with a couple of screws up from the bottom of the "floor" OSB. The dividers are flush with the "back" of the next boxes, but there is a small (like, 1") gap at the front. No reason for this, as I said, we were aiming to build from the wood pile as much as possible.

The lid is slightly more complex because of the hinge, but not by much. The smaller front piece of OSB is supported by a 2x4 above in the wall frame.
1/31/2018 8:50 AM report abuse