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Topic: 3 Hatches then none???? (3 messages)

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3 Hatches then none???? (3 messages)
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Farmer Girl 11
Score: 4
A friend of ours said he has an incubator and hatched 3 times and every egg hatched healthy chicks, then he tried a few times and not one egg hatched!!!! Do you know what could be wrong???? Thank you
5/26/2017 3:20 PM report abuse

Score: 51
Survived our first winter in Montana. Girls did well even when it got to -22.
I'm no expert in incubators, but I would guess that his thermometer is off. There is a way to calibrate thermometers to check them out. I am sure you could find information on how to do that online. Another variable is humidity. I know there are instruments to measure that also. Your friend's instrument could be off. Also, the room the incubator is in can make a difference. It's best to have it in a room where the temperature doesn't fluctuate. Also keep the incubator away from windows where sunshine could mess with the temperature. Your friend was very lucky if he got 100% hatches regularly. That is not common. Besides the variables of temperature and humidity, there are genetic problems and eggs that are just not fertile.
5/26/2017 4:20 PM report abuse
Farmer Girl 11
Score: 4
Thank you!
5/27/2017 7:07 PM report abuse