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Topic: Confused with shipping (1 messages)

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Confused with shipping (1 messages)
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Hello to whomever is reading this. In the past I have purchased three amazing and healthy mallard ducklings that shipped Monday and arrived to me Wednesday morning. Unfortunately these ducks flew away as they were so sweet and such a joy to be around. But if they decide to leave and enjoy a new duck life then that's fine with me. Anyways, I recently purchased one Welsh Harlequin hen and one Cayuga drake (with the added bonus of flightless birds). These ducklings in my mind were supposed to ship Monday like last time and arrive around the same day but it is Thursday morning and I still see no ducklings. My father informed me that since your email mmh said ship the week of July 3rd and since you were closed for July 4th, you might have shipped the ducklings Wednesday morning to get to me Friday morning. I would just like to know if this is true of you shipping the ducklings after the July 4th because I am very worried and anxious over my precious ducklings. I would love it if you mmh or anyone else knowledgable about this subject could inform me as to when they shipped as that would help me relax and not worry so much. Thank you to whomever helps.
7/6/2017 6:36 AM report abuse