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Topic: Juvenile birds with Cocciiosis (1 messages)

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Juvenile birds with Cocciiosis (1 messages)
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Got 3 juvenile birds to add to my flock. I have always had all chicks survive from McMurray up to this time- although I did have one that failed to thrive.

After 9 days I found bloody stools in the shavings. These chicks were supposed to be vaccinated for Cocci - have never had any hens get it on my land. The next day one of the Wellsummer's was dead. Today I noticed another one lethargic - syringe fed every hour or so - I reluctantly had to put them on Corid for the cocci - this afternoon she seemed better.
There is a reason I buy the older chicks. First I don't know how old these are because McMurray said they were too busy to mark how old they were. All other orders would tell me. By 4-6 weeks they should have built up immunity.
Before i used McMurrays I lost my entire first flock to Mareks because the birds weren't vaccinated. It was sheer misery watching one die every month for a year. When I got my McMurray chicks I could finally walk out and not wonder whether one would be sick or dead - until now.
I am just so disappointed.
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