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Topic: Sick 18 week old Chickens (2 messages)

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Sick 18 week old Chickens (2 messages)
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Received 12 one month old chickens from McMurray the beginning of May. They were all doing great, looked healthy, eating and drinking well, no problems until about 10 days ago. Went into the coop in the morning and one didnt seem to want to get up, I poked at it a bit to get it moving, eventually it got up and moved around a bit and even went over and pecked at the food, it didnt look lethargic or sick so we fed, watered and left for the day. Came back that night and it was dead. We've been keeping a close eye on them since, everything has been looking good. Now today, similar situation, another chicken just not wanting to stand up. I tried to give it water and food by hand but its not wanting it so I dont think its going to end well. Any ideas on the cause and anything I can do to keep from loosing any more?
7/14/2017 6:55 PM report abuse
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I got three from McMurray in June - one was dead 9 days later and just lost another 2 weeks ago. Sent them for necropsy and they died of mycoplasmosis syn and coccidiosis. Even though they are vaccinated they can still get it. Get some Corid powder and treat with 1 1/2tsp in water (only source of water) for 7 days and then 1/3 tsp in water for 7 more days. Poop won't necessarily be bloody with some strains. Last one that died was emaciated and hid it well. Get the Corid fast or you will lose more
8/31/2017 9:59 AM report abuse