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Topic: Whiting with leg problems (3 messages)

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Whiting with leg problems (3 messages)
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We started with 19 chicks, all were vaccinated for merecks. Two chicks had spraddle leg and we took care of them right away. We are now on week 9 and now my whiting true blue isn't walking right but gets around, was alert, ate, and drank with no problems. Couple of days later she started to move around less and one leg would be straight forward while the other would be under her like normal. We pulled her from the group and now is an indoor pet because she cannot seem to correct the splits. We attached the same fix for spraddle on her. She doesn't like it and sometimes falls face first but now both legs stay under her and she seems to stand a lot better. But when we take the splint off, she does the splits again. Will the be a permanent problem and we will just end up with a "pet chick in the house" or is there another treatment someone knows and she can go back to the coop with her playmates!?
7/24/2017 9:02 PM report abuse

Andy's heritage hens
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I have lost 1/3 of my whitings to similar problems: lameness, wry neck, etc. All my other breeds have been healthy. The survivors do lay nice eggs, but not very many.
1/25/2021 5:55 PM report abuse
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My Gold Stars have had this too. Same issues; same ages. I reported it to McMurray and they just told me to consult a vet but it seems to be something in their genetics or flock. First and last time ordering from here.
5/4/2021 8:57 AM report abuse