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Topic: Dying Chicks (1 messages)

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Dying Chicks (1 messages)
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I tried calling the hatchery yesterday evening but they're closed. I picked up my silkie chicks from the post office on Wednesday. I checked them all for pasty butt (and we have been every day) and everything seemed good. I got them in the brooder, good temperatures and following the care sheet the hatchery sent me.

Starting Thursday night, one of the chicks was squawking quite loudly, and very weak. She was still alive by Friday morning but then passed away during the day. Shortly after she passed away, another one started the same thing. By this morning, we now have lost 5 baby chicks. They seem okay, then get progressively weaker. I'm not sure how to help these babies :( We did the quik chik and the gro-gel.

It was suggested to me that it could be coccidia and we should do a medicated feed. But we did the coccidia vaccination and saw that the medicated feed would nullify that.

Any ideas at all? My daughter is raising these for 4-H and is getting very depressed.
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