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Topic: quality of McMurray started pullets (2 messages)

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quality of McMurray started pullets (2 messages)
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My story starts on Jan of 2015 I ordered 2 started pullets from McMurray, 1 Rhode Island Red and 1 Barred Rock. By July of 2016 had to put the BR down due to internal laying and needed to rehome the RIR due to going broody every month from spring to July that year. RIRs are not to go broody that often(according to McMurray) In late August of 2016 I ordered 2 Red Stars, and in October of 2016 I ordered 2 Black Stars. I have one Red Star that seems healthy. One Red Star which started with egg issues this spring. The Black Stars laid small almost white eggs(not what McMurray states should happen)with one Black Star the size of a bantam, both BSs were rehomed this July. I paid over $300(my choice) to purchase all of the above hens...only one hen is what McMurray states it should be. I totally understood that these hens were hatchery stock, but one hen out of six?...this is my story
9/18/2017 6:39 PM report abuse
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The chicks are no better. My “Black Jersey Giants” (quotes because they are small) are no bigger than other hens and lay eggs that look very much like my Marans eggs. They are friendly hens and the eggs are lovely; just not what I expected.
5/4/2021 9:02 AM report abuse