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Topic: What breed is this red pullet (2 messages)

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What breed is this red pullet (2 messages)
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My pullet is now a little over 14 weeks old and I am stumped as to what breed she is. Her dark legs have really thrown me. Is it possible she is an Easter Egger? I know she doesn't have a pea comb or muffs and a beard, but that seems to be the only real possibility as all the other red feathered breeds you have are suppose to have yellow legs/shanks. That's why I'm wondering if she is maybe an Easter Egger that is expressing one/some of the other breeds that may have been used in the Easter Eggers you guys sell. She is a little over 14 weeks in these pictures. Thanks!!
9/27/2017 7:47 PM report abuse
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I imagine there is also a good possibility she is a Red Star that just got the wrong leg color too? That's probably more likely than the Easter Egger or the Whiting True Blue I would think.
10/3/2017 11:24 AM report abuse