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You are Here: Home -> Forums -> Health/Care -> Hen's butts are bare and tail feathers gone

Topic: Hen's butts are bare and tail feathers gone (2 messages)

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Hen's butts are bare and tail feathers gone (2 messages)
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I may seem naïve but I feel sorry for the poor girls. It's winter time and even here in Florida, I'm sure it's cold on their fannies. Is this a nutritional problem or is it a result of molting? I can post a picture later, butt it's not pretty.
Post edited by KAREN37 2/2/2018 5:30 AM
2/2/2018 5:28 AM report abuse

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Are they molting? can you see feathers regrowing?

Here in Montana my hens molt in Nov and Dec. Our temps are often in the single digits by Dec. Not sure when hens will molt in Florida. They may be cold, but they eat more and stay warm!

If they aren't molting, I'm no sure what the issue is. Maybe someone will chime in (a picture would probably help).
2/7/2018 12:56 PM report abuse