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Topic: 1 silkie bantam cold (4 messages)

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1 silkie bantam cold (4 messages)
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Score: 0
should i bring in my 1 silkie bantam for the winter she wont go in her house she sleeps under it i cant make her sleep inside it ?
1/27/2020 9:26 AM report abuse
Southern Gospel Music Fan
Score: 2
Does she have shelter from North and East wind or no?
1/27/2020 1:37 PM report abuse
Score: 0
their is just boards leanining against the house as close to it as i can get them but also if it snows she would be trapped under the house i think in deep snow
2/3/2020 4:30 PM report abuse
Southern Gospel Music Fan
Score: 2
Then yes, I would bring her in. Could you put her in her house and close the door so she can't get out?Is she the only chicken you have?
2/3/2020 5:03 PM report abuse