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Topic: Hey wv chichen parents (6 messages)

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Hey wv chichen parents (6 messages)
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Score: 6
Are there any WV chicken lovers out there?
6/28/2012 7:45 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Just got my chickens! Pullets, am getting about 6 eggs each day already. I'm thrilled.
7/7/2012 8:51 PM report abuse
Score: 6
I am in the southern part of the state in McDowell County.
7/8/2012 7:32 AM report abuse
Score: 1
Rec'd 35 pullet peeps last Monday 3 days after the storm. We are still without electricity,so no heat lamp. Have lost 2 so far..keeping them in bathroom. Wondering,at this stage, what min temp will they withstand? They are flying out of makeshift brooder tub. (Not what I planned,but in survival mde
7/9/2012 11:25 AM report abuse
Score: 3
I have to wait til the middle of May for my chicks, haven't had chickens since I was 20 so for 11 years now. can't wait to get them. I'm getting black jersey giants, I have only ever had experience with white leghorns. I guess they will be relatively the same just fewer eggs and more meat. I live in Lincoln County. good day all
4/5/2013 9:39 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I live in Mingo Co. Where the happiest chicks live.
I love my rare breeds.
I would like to order some naked necks, however, 15 is too many.
7/31/2013 5:46 PM report abuse