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Topic: Dead chicks (2 messages)

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Dead chicks (2 messages)
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We ordered 25 brown egg layers and 1 surprise chick..26 total. They arrived, 15 dead. We called and they sent out 15 more chicks. The second shipment arrived on June 10. Nine days later, all of the chicks started dropping like flies! What’s interesting to me is that the ones to die first were the newest ones we received June 10. Not sure if they had a virus and it spread to all of them or what. The chicks were very sickly. We did everything known to help nurse them back to health. Nothing worked. My kids are sad that 28 chicks have died and I am sick that we spent 100.00 on chicks that all have died! We’ve raised chicks that were bought at local store. Not sure what happened just a tad bit disappointed.
6/23/2020 7:11 AM report abuse
Score: 2
My 9 chicks are due to ship next week and reading all these posts on dead chicks is really starting to concern me! I know death in transit is bound to happen, but some of these losses I am reading about are so excessive! Hope the chicks you have left thrive!
6/25/2020 11:35 AM report abuse