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Topic: Problem solving a limp (2 messages)

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Problem solving a limp (2 messages)
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My chickens seemed to arrive just fine. Hatched 7/15/20 delivered 7/17/20. Got them home quickly, beak in water let's see you drink. First-time chick owner. Opted for a solid floor set up for my brooder under the pet pen. I went this route because of the chicken lady and this gets chickens better prepared for surroundings than a tote or tin can or things with high walls they cannot see out of since they like to see outside. I open the curtains and put my blinds up and they loved seeing the green their first full day 7/18/20 with me. Slept a lot and got gro gel. I actually gave them 3 days of gro gel with non-med chick food. This morning I see one is hobbling around. She puts her foot back like stretching and then puts up inside her bushy body and then puts it on the ground and hobbles when she walks. I can see her not putting a lot of weight on it. She tries but then poops out and sits then starts to sleep. I have researched and she does not have bumblefoot. I thought maybe a tendon that slid to one side but cannot really tell. Have been trying to find chick anatomy help. Tried to locate her tendon but that did not work. Took her leg and stretched it like she would and gently messaged around her tendon area and she started cooing or purring. Was strange. I let her stand in my hand both feet like a chicken would and just cuddled her to keep her warm. I have them in a 90-degree temp controlled room but they also have their heater they can run under. I ran out and got some vet tape thinking this is a tendon issue and needs to be wrapped. Oh she hated that so it came off. She was hobbling around like a crazy girl and with them being so young I did not like the way she was attempting to use her wings to try and walk or balance. So, the tape came off. I am really not sure if this is a tendon issue because I read where they cannot stretch the lake and it goes to one side and most the time they keep it under them tight to the body and she does not do that unless sleeping but then has another leg uptight. I tried to separate her in a cat crate next to the brooder so she could still see and hear the others but she went crazy. Chirping like someone was hurting her and I did not want to stress her out so put her back in with the others. I want to figure out what is wrong with her leg. I think the next thing I will try is one of those that are running and jumping getting them and feeling their upper thigh bone. How it feels and then see if she feels the same. I would think if it were broke she could not walk. I had broken leg and could not walk so assume same for chicks. She moves her toes just fine and has not lost feeling because I tested that. The only thing I can conclude is the slipped tendon I think they call it though it does not look like any pictures I have seen.
7/20/2020 2:34 PM report abuse
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I hope this is good news. I found a bird vet about 2 hours away and my husband and I took her in. The vet said it looked like just a sprain. Nothing was broken and no signs of a slipped tendon. He gave me a very small dose 10 day supply of Metacam. I had to dose her every 12 hours. On the 2nd day of medication, she looked to be standing on both legs. By day 5, she was standing on the hurt leg and trying to stretch her good leg. I continued physical therapy of her good leg to make sure she was getting those stretches in. Sunday morning was her last dose. She jumps and is trying to test those wings. She still has a little hobble so hope she will fully recover. I emailed the online vets and kind of gave them a piece of my mind about telling me to call her. Even if she had a break or slipped tendon, I would have still taken her to the vet for help. This particular vet said he would not have euthanized her but attempted to fix but he did say she would require a separate brooder while she healed and might still have walking problems. I am not even going to eat my babies when they stop laying. I want a senior citizen coop or they can stay in this one and will get another coop when these babies stop production.
7/28/2020 12:02 PM report abuse