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Topic: Thoughts on my Chinese geese (1 messages)

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Thoughts on my Chinese geese (1 messages)
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I ordered 10 white and 10 brown Chinese geese which arrived in March. Only one of the brown ones didn’t make it here alive, and we got them overnight.

Now that they’re up and going with great gusto I can see differences between the two groups. They have all been raised together.

The browns are a bit smaller in stature. They also tend to be much less vocal than their white counterparts. Their ‘honking’ is less pronounced but they still add to the cacophony a respectable amount.

The Whites are bigger, noticeably. A lot more aggressive, but not vicious, just very assertive. Loud. Really, really loud.

Overall very smart, easily trained to be herded into their house in the evening. With even our summer dried up field they still eat just a small amount of feed. Which is with them, free choice all night. Along with 2 5 gallon buckets of water.

It’s interesting to see that 2 groups have loosely formed being of both colors.

I am thrilled with them. I’ve kept various kinds of geese over the decades and these are exactly what I wanted.

A picture which is a couple of months old.
7/26/2020 9:37 PM report abuse