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Topic: Assortment (2 messages)

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Assortment (2 messages)
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I've put in my order for the "Rarest of Rare" assortment. I'm a little nervous. I've ordered 25 with the idea that half will be male and will need to be rehomed. Ultimately I'd like a dozen females. Has anyone ordered this assortment and how was it for you? I'm wondering how long it will be before I can tell which are male and which are female with this new batch.
8/12/2020 5:36 PM report abuse
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Hello! We have ordered from strombergs, greenfire, and MM. By far, I think the phone and email help is far better, but absolutely would only order from MM if they had more breeds. Love our ladies! If you ate interested to know, I moved to Texas from NY and brought my cayugas and wyandotte , and Jersey giants with.Coming from where these breeds come from, You could say we were real picky about getting more from anywhere but NY. Our first order of barred rocks were amazing from get go, so as our little feathered family is aging out, I decided we'd look for the kind and quality we brought from NY. After quite a bit of comparisons and the obvious barred rocks under our noses, it's obvious that MM was the only choice. This week, we are expecting our long awaited cayugas!I'm sure they will be as nice as the barred rocks, in a NY minute! I've contacted MM due to postal concerns, not MM error and they have been super nice and helpful. Fingers crossed the P.O. won't kill them.It sure won't be MM error or their goals. I love the ducks more than chickens (don't tell THE that) because they outlay, out forage and outlast predation better than chickensbut who doesn't like to watch a beautiful rooster finding his girls? Cayuga lay black eggs!
8/25/2020 8:08 PM report abuse