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Topic: bird keepers in Missouri (4 messages)

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bird keepers in Missouri (4 messages)
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Score: 11
Hi all!
Just trying to find other bird people here in Missouri. :) Sometimes there are swap meets with chickens here in our area. It would be nice to find someone that will be there that takes as good care as I do my girls to swap with!
6/30/2012 11:20 AM report abuse
Score: 3
Hello - I live in rural Henry County. We have a great farm sale location near Windsor put on by the Amish about every 4 months. You can get some real bargains there and bring your birds to sell at auction. Also, I am getting 15 birds each (straight run, one day old) of Blue Andalusian and Silver Pencilled Rock chicks next week. I want to breed them for Blue feathers and also fly tying. Maybe you might like some roosters for your flock? I am not sure how to manage to keep birds identified and seperated in a breeding scheme. White and black hens aupposedly throw blue offspring via resessive genes. All the roos in the straight run I am to see are supposedly Blue birds. I usually have some bantams to sell because the mother hen is soooo broody.
7/5/2012 12:22 PM report abuse
Score: 11
I'm not far from Jefferson City. Sounds like you have a great auction in your area too! Wish you were closer. If I am going to the lake area I will keep the auction in mind. You never know! Thank You, Kelly
7/6/2012 3:03 PM report abuse
Score: 0
I dont know of any auctions, but We love our 21 assorted Bantams...Hannibal Mo.
1/13/2013 5:11 PM report abuse