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Topic: Sick Juvenile Birds Delivered (1 messages)

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Sick Juvenile Birds Delivered (1 messages)
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Hi Murray McMurray,

I need some assistance. My Whiting True Blue juvenile birds were delivered, and this was after I called to notify you that the had not arrived and were delayed (for reasons unknown).

I just need some assistance with getting answers and seeing if there is any way that I could get a replacement. I know this is a little bit difficult to ask for due to your 48 live delivery guarantee, but any answers or assistance would be extremely grateful. Also, there should be a commitment to disease free delivery.

My two birds arrived late Wednesday afternoon by the USPS. They seemed very tired from what I assumed to be the shipping conditions. Things that I’ve come to expect with ordering chicks from out of state hatcheries.

After providing them water with electrolytes and vitamins (QuikChick) and a high-quality feed appropriate to their age I noticed that their conditions did not improve so they were kept separate from the rest of my flock. Both birds were exhibiting signs of an infection of some sort with white colored diarrhea and a clear, slimy discharge coming from their beaks. Both were standing, peeping with their eyes closed the entire time. At that point I force-fed them water via a 1.8 ml dropper, because they hadn’t anything to drink, nor did I observe them drinking after monitoring them very closely, for about a day. After administering the force-feeding water around the clock every 30 minutes about 1 mL through a dropper each time, I noticed that one of my birds started to improve. Even the bird that was improving still shows signs of a clear sticky discharge coming from its beak today, although it seems to have gained its appetite and is eating feed, scratching and pecking. However my second bird did not show signs of improvement and died this evening.

My concern is that maybe the flock that these birds came from were diseased, which is very possible. I find it hard to convince myself that these birds went through just shipping shock. Like I said, I don’t mean to speak ill of anything or anyone. I really like the hatchery, I just need some answers and assistance. Due to the fact that I live in behind your time zone, and by the time it was noticed that these chickens were actually in fact sick/Infected, it was too late for me to call you during business hours. Also, I contacted you on Instagram via fired the message hoping to get some assistance. No response. But you have a picture to look at.

Can someone please contact me through the information listed on my account? I have pictures that I am willing to share in hopes that this can help your hat treat to become stronger and for me to get some understanding as to why this had to happen. Thank you so much and have a blessed evening.
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