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Topic: Crossing Breeds (3 messages)

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Crossing Breeds (3 messages)
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Does anyone have experience with crossing two different breeds consistently? If I order a rooster of one breed and I get several hens all of one breed (but different than the rooster) and hatch out their eggs regularly, will I have a consistent hybrid? I would suspect I will not get a consistent breed unless I go through multiple generations. I'm just curious.
11/8/2020 11:24 PM report abuse
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I'm less concerned with consistent feather colors and patterns. More about things like the Egg size and color of hens raised, and or temperament, size/shape, how long to maturity, etc.
11/8/2020 11:26 PM report abuse
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In my experience it takes some generations of selection of your crosses to stabilize a new type. Use your rooster to determine egg quality and color. I know, weird, huh? My daughter made up a breed that was ameraucana rooster on New Hampshire Reds. Jumbo eggs in dark green color and really large offspring. After selecting and crossing back those hen offspring to young rooster offspring many times selecting for an egg that would fit in a standard egg carton she finally achieved a stable color of hen and egg, but could not get the bird size smaller. A fun experiment, but time and careful observance is a must!
3/31/2021 11:08 AM report abuse