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Topic: Is this a Rooster? (2 messages)

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Is this a Rooster? (2 messages)
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This is the free chicken in my chick order. I thought she was a Cochin hen but when the Rhode Island Reds started lying eggs this week the Cochin start crowing and mounting the other hens. My flock is (5) Rhode Island Red hens and (1) Cochin hen/rooster. How can I tell for sure if the Cochin is a hen or rooster?
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If it's crowing and mounting - it is a rooster. I'd get him out of there... ASAP. My 2 roosters almost ate half of the brain of one of my 15 hens - they were way too aggressive with this one hen. I thought I would lose her. But I isolated her in a cage and took care of her injuries for over a month until she surprisingly healed back to almost normal - permanently lost some feathers on that spot. The 2 roosters were dinner the day after the incidence. She is back with the rest of the coop except one of the hens keeps bothering her by trying to peck - but she submits ... hoping that this will subside soon.
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