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Topic: RIR (5 messages)

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RIR (5 messages)
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I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone about my RIR I received from Mcmurray hatchery on 4/29/2020. My wife said it would be my anniversary present even if I did everything. I was fine with that!! I got my 17 chickens the day after my anniversary. Ended up being 14 RIR hens, 2 RIR roosters and 1 hen feather footed baby. Man they were alert, alive and kicking!! I did everything MH told me to do to the tee!! I never lost one. They started laying the last week of September with medium eggs. By November they are EXTRA LARGE and I’ve had a TRIPLE yoke egg!! My wife and I were astounded!! It was triple the size of ANY egg either of us had ever seen, and her dad had chickens. My girls and guys are sweet enough. No spurs from the roosters and 2 of the hens will let me pick them up when in the coop which is 12x12 with 8 foot ceilings, it was an old out building we never used. They now lay 6- 7 dozen a week with no night lights. I have always kept the local Southern Gospel radio station on 24/7 since I got them and I tell everyone that is why my girls rock, but I truly believe that too.

What a wonderful breed to start my hobby with and to CONTINUE it with for many, many years. Honestly it takes less than an hours worth of easy work a week.

Thank you McMurray hatchery.

P.S. I’ll be getting meat birds in March!!
12/31/2020 6:07 PM report abuse
Score: 2
RIR are great chickens. What kind of meat chickens are you going to order? I have 27 hens from McMurray and plan to get some meat chickens this Spring. I have raised laying hens for many years but have never raised meat birds and am trying to decide what kind to order.
12/31/2020 6:40 PM report abuse
Score: 2
We are going to get some of the gingers and some Cornish X Rocks too. My family eats white and dark but with the X rocks the breast are plenty big enough to stuff, butterfly etc. with the 2 breeds it gives us lots of choices for meals. I will build tractors just for this purpose.
1/2/2021 3:33 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I received 3 RIR roosters in my all heavies assortment last April. They survived a neighbor's dog pack attack, an arson fire which took out all of my chicken tractors and equipment, and several skunk assaults. I kept the runt of the three, with my hens in the henhouse and yard after he was so chewed up in the dog attack, my neighbor kept the largest, and I raised the other to eat at 5 months. Well, my runt is now weighing in at ten pounds! He has a harem of black minorca and pearl white leghorn hens. Gentle as can be, and the most lustrous shiny dark red feathers make him draw most of the attention from visitors. I am so happy with him and can't wait to hatch some eggs out of his hens. Good Luck with your RIR flock!
1/23/2021 9:34 AM report abuse
Score: 1
Last year I tried out some buff brahma and white rock roosters for meat bird choices to raise strictly on grazing and whole grains, sunflowers, and bugs. I had no problem with the white rocks and both breeds grew quickly and were so healthy. The white rocks began crowing and most were so aggressive I was more than ready to process them at 5 months. They were large and delicious and I will do this again! The buff brahmas were large also at 5 months, but were still BABIES and too beautiful to eat! I kept 2 roosters for my future brahma flock, gave away all but 6, and finally had to have someone else process them for me at 7 months. I just could not do it. They were so gorgeous and sweet-natured. I understand why the brahmas were the premier breed of the past for the table. They are the best to eat by far! So now I must have more of these to build up a flock, and I have to say they didn't really eat all that much at all to attain a great carcass weight, either. Another breed that I like for the table is the delaware breed. The roosters grew quickly on grass and the meat was excellent, though not as large a carcass. But easy to process and very uniform size and shape within the flock.
1/23/2021 9:58 AM report abuse