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Topic: Whiting True blue Problems (4 messages)

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Whiting True blue Problems (4 messages)
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Andy's heritage hens
Score: 1
I ordered 12 Whiting True Blue chicks (10 pullets, 2 males)in a 50 chick order
One had wry neck at 1 wk.(passed away, sadly) at one month, Another is lame in both legs- slowly declining.I have lost 1/3 of the Whitings, but no other breeds have had any problems: 2 went lame, 2 runts (1 died with no explanation), and 1 wry neck.
Everyone else is healthy. Surviving Whitings lay few, but nice light blue eggs.
1/25/2021 6:40 PM report abuse
Score: 0
My whiting true blue (the only one I know that survived out of 3) had a respiratory illness. I had to treat whole flock of chicks with antibiotics. She is doing well now, though her growth was stunted as she was near death. I am thinking mcmurray had a breakout of respiratory illness as I saw another poster had the same with their whiting true blues.
3/17/2021 8:04 PM report abuse
Score: 2
So far so good, with my new Whiting True Blue chicks! Ordered 5 females and all are active, eating, drinking and being adventurous, compared to some other chicks in the order.
5/19/2021 11:48 AM report abuse
Score: 2
Update, on my MMH chicks, including Whiting True blues. The chicks were hatched May17th, received May 20th at 8AM. I lost one Whiting to a Corn Snake 5 feet long when I first put them in my coop, due to me missing a small hole. The others are all beautiful healthy birds! Now they are maturing into fine chickens, as are all remaining 26 chicks, received alive. I had one DOA, I think the free mystery chick, that was trampled unrecognizable, when I first opened them. The quality is great to average for a batch of well bred chickens! A couple of birds are, arguably, show quality and exhibit the standards of perfection well, for their type. I got a few extra roosters so the sexing was about 75 percent accurate. I am OK with that! Good healthy, decent quality, and that is on every order I have placed with MMH, starting in the 1970's.
9/8/2021 9:00 AM report abuse