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Topic: Using supplements for chicks development (1 messages)

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Using supplements for chicks development (1 messages)
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Leg, toe and other issues are common in raising young chicks caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The rapidly developing birds need supplements to prevent this for at least the first 8 weeks. While some birds seem fine others may be crippled or stunted. Probiotics or electrolytes alone do not sometimes, have the needed minerals or vitamins in them or the quantity is inadequate. Make sure and use a vitamin and mineral supplement for your chicks, as insurance for good development. MM quick chic is a good product to use those first weeks, don't feed too many treats and a quality formulated balanced diet for chicks is recommended. Some breeds/broods seem to be a bit more predisposed to that to me, but it may be of a more random nature than that. Also meat hybrids need a more fortified supplement than do other chickens and a formula specified for them is required. Curled and twisted toes and bent legs are common signs of the problem. Good luck with your chicks
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