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Topic: Baby chicks dying after arriving home (1 messages)

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Baby chicks dying after arriving home (1 messages)
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I received an order of baby chicks on Wednesday and a second order on Thursday. The chicks from Wednesday seem to be doing great arrived in a nice size box with a divider with plenty of space for these guys. There were big chicks and small chicks. The order that arrived on Thursday was one of the special assortments and some ginger broilers and a couple of Delaware I believe. They were all crammed into a tiny box. When I got home I pulled them out of the box and put them in the brooder. There were several sluggish chicks so we mixed them up the electrolyte powder and they still did not come around. As of this evening we have lost 9 of the 15 special assortment chicks and 2 more don’t look so well either. Is anyone else having this problem? So heartbreaking to be dealing with this and so sad for these darling baby chicks!
4/17/2021 12:55 AM report abuse