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Topic: Multiple dead chick's (3 messages)

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Multiple dead chick's (3 messages)
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I ordered over 100+ chick's from this murry mcmurry hatchery it took 3 days from day of shipped to day of arrival. As soon as the the post office told me they were available for pick up I was there less than 20 mins. Upon arrival I can see at least 4 dead chicks.when I got home and opened the box I found a total of 8 dead birds smashed and trampled on. A few hours later more bird continued to die as of now there's is a total of 13 dead birds I believe they had shipped way to many birds in one box. A lot of the birds look weak and just want to lay down I give a bad review on their shipping.
5/2/2021 9:11 AM report abuse
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I was curious about whether I was the only one. Just got my box of 21 from the post office yesterday. They shipped out on Tuesday and didn't arrive until Friday. Three dead, one more this morning and another this afternoon.
6/12/2021 7:30 PM report abuse
Score: 2
Sorry for your losses of chicks! I have used several reputable hatcheries over the last 45 years, since getting my first delivery from MMH in about 1976. The USPS is the wild card in all chick deliveries! I had one order that had nearly half DOA or dead within three days, some with broken legs and wings! Another delivery was left on the local branch post office dock, against policy, all afternoon and that night, many dead and dying in the first couple of days, nearly half! I had called the afternoon before and again the next morning, before discovering their errors and getting an apology, from the Post Office(only)! MMH made good with a credit! Shaken chick syndrome and exposure are common problems with delivery, regardless of which reputable hatchery I used. The size boxes used per a different sized/numbers delivered is similar to all the Hatcheries I have used. My best results are from the smaller, about 25 bird deliveries. I have averaged about 2 DOA in that size deliveries and more than double that in large deliveries(about 8 to 10 from 100 chicks, but sometimes more badly shaken, that survive). Only a couple deliveries have been perfect, from all the hatcheries, and that was from MMH, for me. If you want fewer birds per box in large deliveries, you likely will have to split the deliveries into more boxes (down to the minimum numbers allowed per size box) and cover the shipping cost. I would purchase locally, if I could get the numbers and variety of good, quality chicks desired that way! MMH is my favored hatchery! This year, 2021, I received 28 birds from MMH(one free mystery bird that was DOA and trampled) and all 27 I ordered arrived healthy and thrived! the quality is good, with a couple show quality birds! Best wishes for your chickens and deliveries of new chicks!
9/8/2021 12:05 PM report abuse