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Topic: chickens litter composting (1 messages)

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chickens litter composting (1 messages)
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I hope all you chicken folks that are able, compost and garden as well. Composting rich in nutrients fertilizer, that well done, is non burning, ph "buffered" by enzymes, fungi and other microbial life, ready to feed your garden in a perfect fashion, is rewarding and completes the circle of life more effectively! Just be sure and add large amounts of other materials, such as fall leaves, ground bark, straw (the litter), vegetable trimmings, etc. along with the chicken litter or poop cleaned up! The more diverse, often the better compost for it! Just remember to not put meat, skin, bones, eggs or dairy anything in the compost pile! If you have a red composting worm bin, don't add chicken waste or citrus, onions or garlic to the worm bins. Grow the best melons and other vegetables that you can, compost well, grow well, cook well, enjoy well!
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