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Topic: Fear of being separated from her sister (1 messages)

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Fear of being separated from her sister (1 messages)
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I pay attention to the least activity chicken, so I've just notice this in a couple days. One of my 5-6 weeks old chicken becomes the least activity one. This could be because another (smallest) has recovered from being picked on and now happily running around.

The one that is in trouble now is a cockoo maran. I found one of her feather on the ground when I checked in yesterday. I found another one today. She doesn't run, or try to jump, or flap her wings like her sisters. She only walks, follows her sisters around, and when while her sisters eating, or drinking, she would close her eyes and sleep. When she opened her eye a couple minutes later and doesn't see her sisters, she would started to make loud alarming noises. Her sisters are already able to get on the roost bar, but she doesn't open her wings to try to jump or fly, she just stands there and cries until one of her sisters jump down to be with her.
Sometimes, she scratches and eat ... the helm bedding instead of food. This morning, I saw her struggle breaking the crumb, so I started to grind the food for her. After I gave her (and her sisters) the grind food, I saw her eat a little bit. But this afternoon, she did the same thing again, clingy to her sisters, do not eat or drink while they do so.
I'm very worry about her well being. I pick her up to check and her body is warm (as expected) but her feet are cold. (I hope that this is normal.)
On the internet, all of the source I found said to separate the chicken that is in trouble. But in this case, since I think her anxiety comes from fear of being separated from her sisters, I don't think I should add more stress to her by separating her.
Should I just let her be? Give her time to recover? I've been given them mealworm, and this really help the little chicken that was being picked on. The one that is struggling now, I think, she has always been around when I gave them mealworm, but would never eat them.
Is there anything I can do to cheer her up?
5/31/2021 11:25 PM report abuse