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Topic: Hello Tennessee (1 messages)

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Hello Tennessee (1 messages)
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I have been raising chickens off and on since the 1950's with my family. From 1976 till now (2021), I have owned chickens all but about four years. I recently began again after a three year break, due to illness. I missed my chickens and my garden and compost pile missed my chickens! I have 27, almost three week old chicks, in my garage(brooder) and they are very soon to go outside into my newly converted pony shed/Chicken coop, along with fully wire covered run! I have tried a bunch of chickens over the years, but decided to try a bunch more, rather than an old favorite. Five varieties of hens, Welsummer, Black Minorca, Whiting True Blue, Partridge Cochin and last, the old familiar Buff Orpington, I got a couple Welsummer roosters for myself and a couple Buff Orpington Roosters for a friend. The two Cochins I got because of their fame for sitting and mothering (and because I never had them). I am looking forward to a lot of nice colorful eggs from this flock! I am in the low hot southwest end of the state, where plentiful shade is imperative and minks are common! At least we don't have bears, normally. A rare one strayed through a few years ago. I hope I have the new hen house tight enough to keep the mink out! I have fought that battle before and do not want to have a repeat! I just finished the house today(finally) and the chicks are fast outgrowing the brooder set up! I need to take new pictures of the house and the birds.
6/3/2021 12:06 AM report abuse