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Topic: Sugar water for new chicks (3 messages)

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Sugar water for new chicks (3 messages)
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I read that we should add sugar to the water for our newly arriving chicks. Does the water need to be heated up for the sugar to dissolve much like hummingbird food and cooled down or do we just add the measured sugar and water and call it good.
4/27/2022 8:57 PM report abuse

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When I put sugar in my chicks' water, I just poured it right in and did not heat the water. The chicks seemed to do just fine that way.
6/8/2022 11:37 AM report abuse

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retired jack of all trades. Christian, patriot, wood worker, gardener, great grandfather, raising chickens nearly 70 years
Usually the addition of quick chik to the water and using the gro gel will get your chicks off to a great start. I have been using the quick chick for 5 or 6 decades and it works. I have added a bit of sugar syrup to water along with the vitamins with a slow to arrive and very abused batch of chicks and I think it helped. In the 1950's and sixties we used sugar water alone or with a tablet that was used a lot back then. The only problem I heard about was that some people reported chicks getting an infection or fungus on their beaks and in their throats, when using too sweet of a solution or perhaps for too long. It was for the first few hours only and just a lightly sweetened water. A couple tablespoons in a 1/2 cup of water heated and dissolved and then mix that with cold water equal parts. Vitamins with electrolytes products are probably better, but together for very weak chicks may be a good idea.
8/22/2022 5:05 PM report abuse
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