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Topic: Order arrived just in time for the weekend, over half dead. (2 messages)

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Order arrived just in time for the weekend, over half dead. (2 messages)
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So I ordered 30 quail chicks that arrived Friday. Less than 24 hrs later I have 17 dead in spite of following brooding info. This is my first time ordering live chicks, and needless to say I'm upset. To make matters worse, the office is closed and I'm unable to get a hold of the hatchery to report the loss in order to honor the guarantee. I sent an email explaining, but the website says that they "must be reported by phone". This is impossible to do within 48hrs. I'm on the west Coast and the office is closed until Monday. Am I just SOL? I'm very upset about it, is there anything I can do?
8/20/2022 10:01 AM report abuse

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retired jack of all trades. Christian, patriot, wood worker, gardener, great grandfather, raising chickens nearly 70 years
So sad to hear of your bad fortune! I had that happen before with a box of badly shaken chicks and then again with some chicks left on a loading dock at the local post office overnight "because they stink" in freezing weather. I am confident MMH will help you! I have been getting orders from them since the 1970's and when I needed help they did and always honored their word. It is unusual to receive baby birds from them on a Friday. They strive to have the birds delivered in two to three days and ship Mondays and Tuesdays. Most of my orders arrive on Wednesdays or Thursdays, the orders on Friday always contained several casualties, as the post office failed on the delivery date, it seems taking four days! Anyway, they always gave me a credit or a refund for the dead chicks, even though that is still disappointing. Talk to them Monday and get a credit. Best wishes!
8/22/2022 5:23 PM report abuse
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