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Topic: "Exotic chick" Can you identify what breed? (18 messages)

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"Exotic chick" Can you identify what breed? (18 messages)
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Score: 2
I just recently received my first shipment of chicks from Murray McMurray a couple days ago. This "exotic chick" they added for free was a pleasant surprise, however I'm trying to figure out what breed it is. Is it possible I won't know until the chick is fully mature? Any help would be awesome...I included a photo. Thanks!
8/5/2012 10:55 PM report abuse

Score: 30
It looks like a Speckled Sussex to me from the stripping on the back. (
8/13/2012 3:27 PM report abuse
Score: 19
Did you figure out what it was? I would have said a Houdan.
4/28/2013 6:45 PM report abuse
Score: 11
Americana ? I'm sure you can tell by now what it is? please update
6/22/2013 9:38 PM report abuse
Score: 1
It looks like a modern bb gamebird
6/25/2013 10:04 PM report abuse
Score: 2
this is the exotic chick I had received from McMurray in June, I was wondering if anyone new what kind it was?
9/14/2013 1:01 PM report abuse
Score: 12
Looks like a silver leghorn. Beautiful
9/19/2013 1:01 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Beautiful bird. Last year our free chick was a golden polish rooster. We got another free one with our order yesterday and have already gone through the catalog trying to figure out who will guess right this time. Thinking it's a blue cochin.

Update to my post, unfortunately the new rooster did not survive the hens. I didn't known hens could be so violent.
Post edited by ANGELA5 5/19/2014 3:09 PM
10/31/2013 6:54 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Angela5 - Are you able to post a pic of the chick? We do not hatch the Blue Cochins after July so if your chick has a blue hue, it may be a Blue Andalusian.
10/31/2013 10:45 AM report abuse
Score: 3
I have BLR Wyandottes that look similar to that. Looks like the feathers under it's chin are somewhat puffy though. Americauna/Aurocauna?
5/18/2014 5:09 PM report abuse
Score: 1
We have some chicks that look just like this, several have the puffy cheeks,dad is amerucana. We haven't figured out what the mom is.
Post edited by ANGELA5 5/19/2014 3:08 PM
5/19/2014 3:06 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Any ideas what this chick is it was a free suprise chick but i have no clue what it is it jas feathered legs but im stumped
5/8/2020 5:47 PM report abuse
Score: 0
Joshua48 - your chick looks like the 20 buff orpington chicks I got last week
5/16/2020 12:10 AM report abuse
Score: 0
Any help would be appreciated. We got our 6 red stars and surprise chick on June 18. Been trying so hard to figure out if we received a male or female and what breed! I have it narrowed down to 3, barred rock, miranda or dominique. I could be wrong this is my first time!
6/26/2020 10:05 AM report abuse
Score: 0
I ordered golden laced Wyandotte’s from McMurray and they don’t look like pure bred chicks. They are 3 months old is that why the feather pattern isn’t in yet?
7/1/2020 8:06 PM report abuse
Score: 0
I am having so much fun with my free surprise chick!
Any ideas?
7/3/2020 4:37 PM report abuse
Score: 2
Hello -

We too are trying to identify our surprise chick.
Any guesses?
7/10/2020 3:09 PM report abuse
Score: 0
Trying to figure out what mine is too!
Post edited by ReashaM 5/27/2021 1:10 PM
5/27/2021 1:10 PM report abuse