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Topic: New to the chicken thing.. (3 messages)

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New to the chicken thing.. (3 messages)
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So I put my order in a few weeks ago and my chicks shiped the day they were to and all however they ended up in Savanna GA. insted of Monroe La.... So I am still waiting to see how it all works out.
8/30/2012 8:21 PM report abuse
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So I got my chicks and they all died I think they were in the box to long and far to stressed from the trip... so I called and got a replacement order and I had a few of them die as well so I let them know and they are sending me some more so I have been at trying to get my birds up and running with much trouble getting there However M.C.M has been very good at helping out and trying to make me happy and I do appreatiate that... We will see what happens this go around.....
9/21/2012 8:45 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
So sorry for the losses you have experienced. On rare occasion there are issues with the routing. But as soon as we're alerted, we work with the Postal Service and do everything we can to get the issue addressed. We appreciate you keeping us informed.
9/24/2012 9:28 AM report abuse