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Topic: honey ??? (4 messages)

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honey ??? (4 messages)
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The Walrus
Score: 28
i know it sounds wierd, but when winter hits, i make the chix a big pot of oatmeal to give them before i head off to work, you know, something warm in thier bellies. my wife suggested i put honey in it. she figured it would give them more energy for a cold day. is it o.k. to give them honey?
10/31/2012 9:27 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
That is great, but only as a treat. Be sure you are still feeding their layer for nutrition. Or you could also use the layer feed instead of oatmeal. Just mix with warm water or milk. Yes, it is fine to add the honey for extra energy. They love it!
11/2/2012 9:11 AM report abuse

Score: 24
I'm WI girl who's had chickens for 9 years and experienced a ton in that time!
Sounds intresting. Could you post as to how they swallow it? I dont think I'd want to give it to my bearded gals though. How messy is it? Thanks. :)
1/9/2013 10:04 PM report abuse
Score: 170
when i feed them a warm meal - i just cook it like i would for our family -- so all the water is cooked in ... i think i would add molasses instead of honey (i think it is cheaper .. ?) that is what we did for our milk cow
4/17/2013 2:15 PM report abuse