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Topic: duck killing other ducks (3 messages)

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duck killing other ducks (3 messages)
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We have a jumbo Pekin duck about 6 months old)that killed 2 Rouens (about 1 1/2 months old) Pecked the feathers off their back and from what I can figure out squashed them. We had gotten Rouens and pekins and he has left the young pekins alone. Is this usual?
11/12/2012 5:20 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Unusual - yes as ducks are normally non aggressive. But there is a range of personalities in all breeds/species. Because the Rouen are younger, the Jumbo Pekin may have felt the Rouen were just too unusual to invade his environment.
11/16/2012 12:59 PM report abuse
Score: 11
I know it's frustrating. I had a pair of call ducks and two regular sized Mallards. When the big drakes came into adults they tried to kill the small ducks and my chickens. Pulled skin off hides. My call duck drake would have been completely blind if I didnt keep his eyes from closing permanently. The big ducks went to someone elses farm.
11/27/2012 12:47 PM report abuse