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Topic: Death (2 messages)

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Death (2 messages)
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I bought chickens for the first time last year and mcmurrays was good about replacing the dead chicks or the ones that died within a few days but alas nomatter what i did my chickens died off so all the moneyI spent last year is gone but I think I have figured out where things went wrong and am ready to start again however since my experience was less that good I do not think I will order from a hatchery ever again i think I will go to local people and get them grant it the chicks may be mixed but at least they wont get lost in the mail...
2/8/2013 8:46 AM report abuse
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Don't always blame the hatchery, sometimes its our environment. Especially in Louisiana...CRD is a constant battle where I live, hot, humid, wet! I buy Amprol by the case. Since I started all my birds on it before they hit the ground I have only lost them recently to the sever weather shock of hot, cold, hot, cold...But good luck. I have bought from hatcheries for years and no matter where you buy them they will easily get sick changing from one climate to another. I don't own, nor do I run a hatchery. But I can not speak badly about them I have obtained some very nice birds through them..
11/22/2014 12:51 PM report abuse