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Topic: Outrage (80 messages)

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Outrage (80 messages)
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Score: 92
What is funny is that anyone who posts anything in this thread questioning whether or not the chicks will get there on time, or anything else negative will get dinged in reputation. I took a hit when I posted a couple months ago and I see a few negative numbers a few other posters.

Note to the MM staff member that's doing this, are you really that insecure that people can't even express a concern or a problem? Since virtually every post on this board gets a thumbs up or thumbs down, it's obvious a staffer is doing this.

I've got a score of 26 right now. Anyone want to bet it goes down? I've been happy with the chicks from MM and have said so, but this petty thumbs down thing is childish. Maybe it will be like the scene in "The Godfather", and I'll find a dead chicken head in my bed tomorrow morning.

Just address the concerns and keep up the good work.
6/13/2013 8:03 AM report abuse
Score: 6
I have ordered from MM many times. Do not recall any serious shipping issues. Two weeks ago they were shipped on Friday night from IA - usually were shipped Saturday night from MN. I was concerned about the timing. 7:12am Sunday morning the PO distribution center called with chickens. I was very surprised. Picked them up all just fine. Expecting more this weekend. Folks, there's gonna be a problem sometimes. I think usually the people who load and unload the airplanes are the problem. MM folks have put up with me for a long time. If you had a bad experience, try them again.
6/14/2013 6:54 PM report abuse
Score: 4
I placed my first order with MM this year. We live in Wasilla Alaska so I was worried about shipping myself. My chicks were shipped on April 1st (Saturday) scheduled to arrive by the 4th. the post office called the morning of the 3rd (Monday) at 7:30 for us to come pick up. All healthy!! They are two weeks old now and just great. I got the rainbow layers so I am having fun figuring out what they all are. Plus my free exotic is a polish (exactly what I was hoping for - how did they know). All I can say is I will order again, and I am sorry to hear about the long shipping time and chick death.
6/18/2013 5:57 PM report abuse
Score: 1
Ambers post kind of sums it up. McMurray did what they always do, deliver the chicks to the post office, Period. The rest is up to the post office. Ambers chicks arrived in ALASKA in 3 days, BRAVO USPS! My chicks shipped this Saturday, I got a text at 4am from MM confirming this. About 9 am (the same day) the Regional postal distribution center (an hour away from me) called me to say that my package of chicks missed the truck going to my town and wouldn't arrive until Monday, but that I was more than welcome to go and pick them up. I did. I am only one state away from MM, but I am still thrilled that I actually received the chicks the same day they shipped out!! All of the chicks, by the way are very happy and healthy. Again, Bravo USPS!! Disclaimer: I am certain, however that that post office screws shipments up as often as they get it right.
6/23/2013 9:49 PM report abuse

The Double E Ranch
Score: 8
I have just ordered my first MM chicks. We are in central Florida - but very rural. We do NOT get home delivery from USPS; we have a small rural box we have to drive to 1/4 mile down a bumpy, clay road. Ship date is July 8th Monday - so I should expect them when to our PO??? 3 days correct (Wed 7/10)? Also, I have notified my PO so I can pick them up... I think I will just go by on my way to work early Tues and Wed just to check if they are there.
6/29/2013 11:56 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
July 8th would be your estimated arrival date. They will be there by Tuesday at the latest. Your post office will contact you when the chicks arrive.
7/1/2013 10:24 AM report abuse
Score: 8
I also live in rural area so I definately am interested in posted hatch date. Then i call up my post office and happily tell them I am getting new babies please call me.I make sure weekends are not a problem. My little bantams were hatched on Monday and arrived ready to rule in timely fashion. I have ordered from Murray before and always had great success, but again its best to check on hatch days and take holidays into consideration.
9/8/2013 5:09 AM report abuse
Score: 5
Same issue badly packaged and timed shipping. all birds dead, no reply from moderator at this site about complaints. Birds had heavily glazed over eyes and stiff with rigor mortis, as in they had not died recently. I was told anytime between monday and thursday they would arrive, a four day window!!!! they didnt make it to day three.
Thank you mcmurray for sending me a box of death.
1/30/2014 8:20 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Mike7 - We are extremely disappointed that this happened to you. While it is possible with any live being, it is a rare instance in our scope of service. We have had a wonderful partnership with the United States Postal Service and depend on their guidance and service once the birds leave our facility. If you have not done so already, please contact our customer service at (800) 456-3280.
1/30/2014 10:55 AM report abuse
Score: 5
funny you say you listen to the guidance of the post office, my postal workers said it should have been shipped overnight. in response to that i was told by mcmurray that the post office doesnt know what regulations the post office has about shipping birds and how mcmurray operates. I am very confused that one mcmurray employee says mcmurray listens to the post office and another employee said the post office doesnt understand mcmurray business and doesnt understand regulations for shipping birds, although the people telling me they should have been overnighted have worked for the post office for a combined 15 years.
1/30/2014 4:23 PM report abuse
Score: 5
It is also amusing that my original post of the issue under virginia has yet to be posted. it appears mcmurray wont put that negative new topic up. hhhmmmmm
1/31/2014 8:41 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Mike7 - Again, we are very sorry you have had a negative experience. We are not going to entertain your inference of our words and hurtful attempt of putting us against an entity that has always been and will continue to be a very competent partner in our delivery system. We wish you the very best at your new hatchery of choice.
1/31/2014 9:06 AM report abuse
Score: 161
Mike7 - I am not sure why you keep going on about this - knowing MM - they paid you back for the loss of chicks - sure death happened - not a pleasant thing - but MM did NOT send you dead chicks that they already had --- seems to me - that you are a troll just wanting to have others shop for their chicks elsewhere - so sad! MM has GREAT customer service - they are a wonderful bunch of people, but at times yes mistakes happen and shipments get delayed at post offices, or for whatever reason the chicks die --- but MM always is helpful ... God Bless their company - at a time like this we need to stick together not do more harm...
1/31/2014 1:36 PM report abuse
Score: 22
Mike 7-I totally agree. Enough is enough if you don't want to order your chicks from MM then don't. The rest of us will. Let it go.
Post edited by MELISSAO 1/31/2014 1:41 PM
1/31/2014 1:40 PM report abuse
Score: 21
I have 34 Isa Brown hens and sell my eggs at our Farmers Market for $4.50/ dozen.
I buy from MM and will continue to buy from them.
1/31/2014 1:44 PM report abuse
Score: 10
I had a turkey order from MM last year, and we had a freak cold spell and MM gladly made what losses I had right. This is a very reputable company and the only one I would ever consider ordering from. They can not be beat!!
2/1/2014 10:34 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I live in Central Indiana. My chicks were shipped Saturday, and it is now Tuesday, and I have not received them. The USPS tracking has not updated in 24 hours, and states they departed Atlanta sorting facility yesterday. The expected delivery date is listed as yesterday.

On the website it states delivery will occur Sunday-Tuesday, so I took yesterday and today off work. In the email, it states Sunday-Wednesday. I CANNOT take tomorrow off, and if they don't arrive until tomorrow, I am sure they will all be dead, anyways. Upset and frustrated.

Why did they have to go through Minneapolis and Atlanta, to get to central Indiana?
2/11/2014 6:36 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
REBEKAHW- We apologize your chicks have not arrived yet. Our contract with the postal service is delivery between Sunday and Tuesday. We have been alerted of the delay in your area and are working with our postal reps to figure out the problem. Unfortunately there are no direct flights available to Indiana, so they are flown to Atlanta and brought up from there. Please call our customer service at your convenience so we can discuss your order.
2/11/2014 9:09 AM report abuse

Score: 30
Mostly Game birds and now beautiful Barred Rocks
Carolyn2… I know its been over a year. I was reading the post and I am truly sorry for your loss. Here is my story, I truly hope this has not discouraged you from purchasing from Murray McMurray in the future. They are truly a wonderful company. I hope you are able to get better service from the Post Office in the future.
At 7:35 this morning( me being at work) the post office called me. They said my chicks had arrived and for me to come get them. Wow, I was so excited I didn't even hang up the phone just set it down and out the door in a flash I went. When I got there no windows were open so I hollered out "Anyone Here" A lady replied yes I'm here, can I help you. I Said yes mama I got a call that my baby chicks had arrived. Oh yes dear she replied. They sure are and boy are they noisy. I was delighted to hear that. I got my box with great anticipation and hurried home. I made sure my brooder was ready before opening the box and then there they were. All of them Healthy and lively. All of my Barred Rocks are beautiful. Of course the mystery chick is almost the same color so its hard for me to pick him out. I was so pleased. I AM so pleased. Thank you Murray McMurray so much for a pleasant transaction. From the ordering(online purchase) to the phone call questions I had(to your Staff) and the handling of my new babies I am very pleased with you all and will Recommend you to anyone I know wanting to purchase chickens. I will purchase from you again for sure. I had to get back to work so I will have to post pictures of the babies when I get home and can take photos. Thank you again.
2/18/2014 2:07 PM report abuse
Score: 2
It breaks my heart knowing you had to open up a box of dead babies. I guess i am fortunate, my first order last week i got a call from the central post office 50 miles away saying i could pick up my chicks, and this call came before McMurry called to say the chicks were shipped. So long story short the first order all 21 chicks arrived healthy and a week later only lost one but i think that was my fault. The second order came today Mon. same results, i let the PO know i was expecting chicks again, and they got ahold of me proptly Mon morning. Just got them home 16 healthy baby chicks, So that being said, Not every shipping story is bad, i have had good results 2 times now, I am sure that the postal system is either to be praised for a good job, or cursed for not doing there job.... I am happy to say I have a nice little flock of happy birds as of right now...
6/9/2014 8:59 AM report abuse
Score: 7
I ordered 15 bantam chicks that arrived today, right on time at the post office. I went to pick them up, expecting 15 live, healthy chicks. What I received: a box with 12 dead chicks (they send 2 extra chicks) and 5 live ones. Since then, three of the five living ones have died, and it looks like another is about too die. I contacted the seller, and they are sending me 15 new chicks next monday. I hope that they live!

Update: My one mystery chick is the only surviver from my order of 17 chicks that i got yesterday. The rest died, or arrived dead.

Update: my last chick died last night. Zero survivors from a box of 17 chicks. That sucks.

Be aware that you might get a box of dead or almost dead chicks!
Post edited by GWENB 6/23/2014 8:35 AM
6/16/2014 4:24 PM report abuse
Score: 1
My chicks didn't come today, yesterday, or the day before. As far as the tracking number says, they're still sitting in an airport in Minnesota. They've been there since Saturday morning, and it's Tuesday. This is absolutely disgusting!
6/17/2014 11:21 AM report abuse
Score: 161
yes the loss is sad - but it is NOT MMH's fault that the chicks get delayed at the post office --- I think that is a post office issue -- they set them somewhere they don't have to listen to them and then forget .... or something like that --- MMH WILL take care of the loss - they are great! if you don't like the thought of the dead birds - you will have to buy at a local feed store - and only buy them live ---- but then even they can and do die....
6/17/2014 12:27 PM report abuse
Score: 92
If they are sitting at an airport in Minnesota, then most likely it isn't even a Postal Service issue. FedEx handles all the air freight for the Postal Service under contract and FedEx is known for not getting things on the airplane.

I've found the US Postal Service usually gets their end of the delivery right.
6/17/2014 12:39 PM report abuse
Score: 161
ok - I suppose I was wrong to put *blame* on the post office - but it certainly is not the fault of MMH
6/17/2014 2:23 PM report abuse