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Topic: Outrage (80 messages)

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Outrage (80 messages)
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Score: 8
hi all. I normally only order my chicks fron McMurray,I have to say I can expect beautiful and healthy chicks from them. I ordered some bantam Welsummers from another source the shipping was almost $50 express. The chicks were delayed at the PO sorting warehouse. All that money didnt save them from being at the mercy of the shipping terrors. I have been working with them and so far so good but still the stress it put on them is apparrent. It is sad about the shipping woes, but it is not normally the fault of the hatcherys.also this is the only hatchery I have ever been able to get vaccines for my bantams,which is the best way to help peeps start out with.I do hope your replacement peeps make it there ok.
6/18/2014 5:32 AM report abuse
Score: 7
Update: My 15 replacement chicks arrived today; all of them dead. Will not buy from this seller again.
6/23/2014 8:34 AM report abuse
Score: 6
My birds were shipped on Saturday morning. Today is Monday and tracking number informs me that the birds are still in Minnesota. I live in Ohio. At the end of today, they will be in transit for 3 days. In this heat, they will most likely arrive dead. 2 day shipping??? Yeah...right...this is such a sad disgrace...
6/30/2014 8:10 AM report abuse
Score: 6
Update...end of day chicks and the USPS does not know where they are because they did not scan the box they are in. I called MM and they don't know where they are either...SERIOUSLY???
6/30/2014 9:18 PM report abuse
Score: 161
I don't understand - why when there is a problem with shipping you blame MMH - like they did it on purpose... for some unknown reason things happened and the birds were delayed - a shame all birds are most likely dead - sad indeed - but most certainly MMH had nothing to do to cause such a delay and they will honor their hatchery and do the best they can with refunding the money etc.... in the future buy local with no hassle of the shipping --- I for one will order again from MMH - in fact getting ready to order today
7/1/2014 10:04 AM report abuse
Score: 6
Update: Chicks arrived at 4am on Tuesday. They looked a little "hung over" but ALL ALIVE! After drinking some of their sugar water, they perked right up. So far they are doing great...I am VERY pleasantly surprised!! Now I am waiting for my ducks...2 Mallard babies should be here in the morning.
7/2/2014 8:10 AM report abuse
Score: 8
So happy everything had a happy ending. Chik start is great stuff too. I always have them send me a pack with peeps. But now u having me thinking about mallard ducks and how in the world i can make a pond for some lol. Wishing u much success with ur new baby peeps.
7/2/2014 3:15 PM report abuse
Score: 161
oh so glad they got thee and alive! if they are still doing good by the end of the day - they will probably make it --- I am anxious to order some ducks and geese --- just don't know if it is too late to order the assortment of them or not ---- I hope to order more chickens soon too ---
7/2/2014 3:23 PM report abuse
Score: 6
Update: ALL OF MY BIRDS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND THRIVING!!! The meat chicks are HUGE and my little hens are absolutely gorgeous! The baby mallards are so adorable!! They love attention and are SO friendly!! I am SO HAPPY with the birds from Murray McMurray. I would not order from anywhere else! Thank You!
7/13/2014 9:57 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I received my chick order on June 2, 2014 a total of nineteen (19). They are during great. Only lost one. Very please with MM order and delivery system in Kings Mountain, NC USPS.
7/21/2014 11:48 AM report abuse
Score: 7
I live in Hawaii and regularly order chicks. Once a month for the 10 months of the year that they ship. It seems they are usually shipped early Monday morning and my rural post office usually calls me at 6:30 am on the Wednesday. Once they arrived on the Thursday. I was stressed all Wednesday, we had about 30% fatality on that order. usually no problems though. MM credited the deaths on the next order, but it was rather upsetting.
11/6/2014 12:25 AM report abuse
Score: 8
So sorry u lost some of your peeps. I am from Hawaii orginally so was amazed to see they were able to even ship chicks there. I wish u much luck with ur peeps . Aloha
11/6/2014 11:23 AM report abuse
Score: 0
I'm concerned. I have 25 chicks in transit sent out the 27th of February. This is the 2nd of March and the chicks are still just left Charlotte a bit ago. That means they won't be here until tomorrow. That makes 5 days total. Will my chick survive that many days??
3/2/2015 2:37 PM report abuse
Score: 8
Sorry to hear u are having probs,Connie4. With the weather as it has been they probably are stuck somewhere in an USPS warehse. 5 days is a bit long. If was me I would have the heat lamp going and sugar or chickstart water waiting.Do contact the MMH they are so understanding about this.Be sure and open the box at the POffice to check. You will need the proof of that from them.
3/2/2015 3:37 PM report abuse
Score: 8
Connie4 afterthought here, did u contact your local po website or call the poffice. You can track the shipment
3/2/2015 3:39 PM report abuse
Score: 0
Update on chicks. My chicks all look ok but 1. It died but I expect to lose some anyway. I could never blame mm as they cannot control the mail. The box clearly says 2 day shipping. It took the transit 5. I've never had a problem with mm and they will continue to be my chicken supplier! ;
3/3/2015 3:37 PM report abuse
Score: 8
Connie4 so happy to hear the good news.
3/4/2015 3:57 AM report abuse
Score: 92
Connie, glad the chicks showed up and are doing well, but a couple of things you said aren't right. MM hatches Friday afternoon, which would be the 27th, but chicks are never shipped until Sat morning. That's when the two day shipping starts and you don't count the day they are shipped.

Two day shipping from Saturday means that they should arrive on Monday. OK, in your case they came on Tuesday the 3rd. That is still only 3 days, not 5. Let's not blame the Postal Service for taking 5 days when they only took 3.
3/4/2015 8:33 AM report abuse
Score: 0
Wow! What a mixed bag of experiences everyone has had. This is our first time ordering chicks. Rather nervous about it. Well things didn't go well with the first order. Only 12 alive when we got them on Monday morning. Called right away very helpful. Didn't realize I could have them held at the post office in Duluth for me to drive to pick up. This is a 2 hour drive for me, one way. It was well worth it all my replacement chicks are alive and well eating drinking racing around. The post office was very helpful letting me know to have them held there for pick up. Overall happy. So sad when they don't make it.
3/7/2015 4:52 PM report abuse
Score: 13
so sorry to hear more wows about the posy office I always order when the weather is best for shipping to my area I watch the weather and the travel routes weather. I live right on the pacific ocean in WA. state as far west as you can get Very rural. That said, from what I understand the postal service is about done. I think there will be a federal change in its future. Its not the hatchery's fault. what is sad is that the postal service in not making live creatures a number on priority? Again so sorry .
3/7/2015 7:59 PM report abuse
Score: 0
I was sent an e-mail at 5:03 am today that my chicks were on the way and would arrive either today(Sunday) or Mon or Tues at the latest. I thought the e-mail meant they had JUST been shipped but my husband met the Post Master in the driveway when he was leaving for work. Evidently my old phone number got on the label and they couldn't reach us, so they delivered them to us on a Sunday morning. Kudos to MMH and to USPS for getting me 25 live, and lively chicks, delivered in good health. We'll see in the next few days if I lose any due to the trip.
3/8/2015 8:06 PM report abuse
Score: 3
Wish I could say my experience was wonderful like some of you but that wasn't the case on the first shipment and the replacement shipment. I blame USPS for inept service. MM customer support was great, USPS customer service was horrible. Live in VA.
5/14/2015 8:55 PM report abuse
Score: 0
I've raised chickens for many years, starting as a child with my family's flock, and also as an adult. As an adult,I always bought my chicks/chickens at a livestock auction, from local farms, or got them from family members. This past Winter, I decided to order from a poultry farm. After much research, I selected Murray McMurray, and placed an order in April. The chicks were sent out early Saturday morning and arrived at the Pittsburg Postal Distribution Center before 6am where they sat until Monday morning. They were then sent to Rochester NY where they sat until early Wednesday morning. They arrived at the Bradford PO about 4am.....DOA. The replacement order was sent out and again spent the weekend at the Pittsburgh DC. Monday morning chicks were sent to Warrendale, a suburb of Pittsburgh then were sent back to the PDC then were sent to Erie PA then were sent to Warren PA. Someone from the Bradford PO drove to Warren and got them. They were at the Bradford PO Tuesday ay 9am. Half were very distressed. We gave them constant care, but lost half of the ones that were distressed. Murray McMurray did a great was not their fault those chicks died! It was clearly the fault of a few people at the Pittsburgh Distribution Center who didn't care enough to do their job!

Animal rights groups are waging a war against shipping live animals, farmers, fur farmers, etc. and have taken drastic steps in their fight against their "enimies" I just wonder if some people working at Postal Distribution Centers are doing this on purpose to give the chicken breeding industry a black eye. These people have fur farms and released more than 100,000 farm mink into the wild knowing they'll just die. Yes, I know this sounds a bit far fetched, but it could be the case?????
7/5/2015 12:29 PM report abuse
Score: 0
Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to leave a comment, but I have a friend who orders his chickens from MM hatchery. He told me that the customer service and chickens were always great and they throw in a bonus chicken. We decided to order 25 MM choice layers. Our chicks arrived this morning. One was dead and there was no bonus chicken. Kids were very sad. My wife called and they refunded us $5.80cents.
I like MM hatchery and look forward to using their services again, I was just a little disappointed about our little dead chick and lack of bonus chicken. So far the other chicks are doing great and the MM employee gave my wife some good advice for helping the little chicks.
3/3/2016 2:01 PM report abuse
Score: 4
Hey John128! Welcome to the world of chicken keeping. When you placed your order, did you check the box for a free chick? It is on the checkout form. I have ordered from MM several times. If I checked the box, I got the free chick. It is exciting when you see what that breed of chicken is when it grows up! MM is a great source for ordering chicks! Their customer service is great!
3/3/2016 6:45 PM report abuse