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Topic: Outrage (80 messages)

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Outrage (80 messages)
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Thanks for the response! We've actually had chickens for almost a year now. We were getting over a dozen eggs a day from our 15 chickens. Our chickens were so beautiful and healthy that they attracted the attention of some coyotes and we have lost 6 to predators. We want to build the flock up and get a guardian dog.
Yes, I did check the little bonus box. I went back to my account to check and make sure. Also, on the container they arrived in, it had a list that said there should have been one in there. It's okay though. All of the chicks were doing really good yesterday. We've kept them warm and fed. They were looking good when I left for work this morning. This afternoon my wife texted me and let me know we lost another one though, so now we're down to 23. Hopefully the others will all make it. Thanks again for your response!
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3/4/2016 12:25 PM report abuse
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I am so glad your chicks are doing well! It really hurts when you open the box and find one that didn't make it! We have been keeping chickens for about eight years. In fact, we sit on our deck to watch them free range in our yard! There is something so relaxing about watching the chickens scratch and peck! Sounds like you have some pretty aggravating predators in your area! We have a few coyotes in our area, but our problem is the racoons! My husband even puts up his game camera at night to see if they are coming around. If so, then we proceed to trap and relocate. Hope you continue to have great success with your babies!
3/4/2016 4:31 PM report abuse
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Janet, checking the box for the free chick just gets you some exotic oddball that MM wanted to get rid of. We've learned that it's not worth getting it even. It used to be that MM and most other hatcheries would include one or two extra birds that were the same breed as what you ordered to compensate for one dying. Apparently that is no longer the case.
3/4/2016 4:42 PM report abuse
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Tim, I have ordered from MM many times and have not received any extra chicks with my order. Each time I order chicks, I purchase the pullets as I want to order only one rooster of the same breed. The time that I ordered the "free" chick, it too was a rooster of a different breed. I don't mind that it is an exotic breed. As for whether MM just "wanted to get rid of it" or not really doesn't matter to me. I generally rehome any extra roosters anyway
3/4/2016 5:27 PM report abuse
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Got my 24 babies yesterday and all arrived alive. All were eating & drinking, used the gel, sugar and electrolytes in the water, but I've lost one already. It looked like it was having a seizure, fell over on its back and then was picked at by the others. I'm watching for signs of any that may be in distress.
6/9/2017 7:29 PM report abuse