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Topic: Raw potato peels & chickens (6 messages)

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Raw potato peels & chickens (6 messages)
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I've read in several farm magazines that chickens should not be fed raw potato peels. But none of them said why? Is that true, and if so, why? Is potato blight in chicken poop?
2/21/2013 11:18 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
Chickens can not easily digest the potatoe peels.
2/21/2013 2:05 PM report abuse
Score: 9
Hi Mary. Potato peels are fine if they are not green. Green skins have a toxic chemical called alkaloid solanine. The eyes also have this chemical but in higher concentrations. Green potato skins in moderation will give you an upset stomach but chickens are much smaller than you are and can cause neurological symptoms and even death. Potatoes are part of the deadly nightshade family. So, if the skins are brown toss 'em down, if there green, not so keen. Hope this helps.
7/14/2013 6:49 AM report abuse
Score: 4
Thank you so very much MaryELENC! Your message gives me the answer I was looking for. You are most helpful. Thanks for taking the time to post! I have friends who do give potato peels to their chickens but I keep reading articles that said "no" but never explained why. I have not given my chickens any. I finally understand, thanks to you.
Post edited by MARY5 7/15/2013 1:21 PM
7/15/2013 1:20 PM report abuse
Score: 9
You are most welcome,Mary. I am a bit of a science nerd and it's really nice when something that I know can have some practical use. Enjoy your chicks and thank you for responding. You made me smile today.
7/15/2013 1:48 PM report abuse
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My chickens wouldn't touch raw potato peels, so I boil them until until done. They love them. I do this with other vegetables as well, like peels from beets or even celery. I find things they won't touch they'll gobble up if cooked. Carrots, cabbage, etc.
3/17/2014 9:51 AM report abuse