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Topic: How do I know if my ducks are laying? (5 messages)

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How do I know if my ducks are laying? (5 messages)
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I have 4 female chickens and 2 female and 1 male ducks in one coop. My chickens lay brown eggs. Last few days I have found eggs in the middle of coop and in corner. How can I tell if they are chicken or duck? Will the be the same color? We have Rouen ducks if that helps.
3/14/2013 8:33 PM report abuse
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Hi David, my rouen ducks lay a 3-3.5 oz. egg and very nice med. blue color,where as my chickens lay 2.2-2.5 oz. eggs.The duck eggs won't fix into a large size egg carton, there are much larger than a chicken egg and very tasty. Hope this helps you, Purplebean
3/15/2013 6:15 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
My Rouen hen lays a white egg. The shell is almost see through and the yolk is much larger than in the chicken eggs.
3/15/2013 8:24 AM report abuse
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Thanks for all the answers. It just means my chickens are laying in many different spots!
3/15/2013 5:43 PM report abuse
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