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Topic: Mixing Chickens and Ducks (3 messages)

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Mixing Chickens and Ducks (3 messages)
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My first go-around last year had me with 2 Pekin Ducklings, 4 pullets and a cockeral. I just kept them all together and then when they were old enough, put them in the same run and coop. Everyone gets along fine. This year, I'm thinking about getting more ducks and dividing the ducks into their own run/coop area. Anyone have any advice on introducing the new ducks to the established ones...or should I just let everyone be in one big yard and share a coop (after introduction, etc.).
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About a month ago I integrated a flock of 7 assorted female ducks with an older flock of 3 Khaki Campbell's and 2 Cayuga ducks. I used temporary fencing to subdivide the run area and a temporary coupe made of chicken wire and PVC pipe for the new ducks until they were 18 weeks old. I primarily did this due to different dietary requirements for immature ducks and the older laying ducks. The new ducks stayed glued to the fencing watching the older ducks the last several weeks and there were several breakouts where a few of the new duck defeated fence to check out the old ducks who basically ignored them, but they generally got used to watching each other and when I took the temporary fence down they got along fine. I kept the temporary coupe for a few additional weeks so they would stay separate at night in confined quarters and there was some head charging when I first put them all in the same coupe - egg production fell off for a few days as I suspect there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on at night. After a week of being together at night each of the 2 groups adopted and end of the coupe as their own and everything is calm although they have stopped laying eggs in nests and I find them scattered around within the coupe area (the couple area is about 150 square feet with straw floor). I keep 2 water tubs about 40 feet apart because in the morning when I liberate them from the coupe there is a lot of excitement and charging around with respect to water access. The two groups tend not to share of water container at the same time. I find I only need to keep one feeder full as they seem more casual about food access than water access when set out into the run area in the morning.
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