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Topic: extremely disappointed (7 messages)

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extremely disappointed (7 messages)
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I ordered a mix of twelve ducks, had to drive five hours to pick them up because the shipment was delayed and I didn't want them to go without water night. I picked them up at 330 this afternoon. 3 were already dead, 2 have died in the past hour, 3 more probably won't make it through the night. That means I * might* have 4 survivors, out of twelve. That's horrible. The customer service is just as bad.
3/27/2013 9:15 PM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
We are very sorry for the losses, Jill. I hope the remaining birds are doing better now. We would like to speak with you and will contact you by phone.
3/28/2013 9:27 AM report abuse
Score: 2
I am surprised you said McMurray Customer service is bad. My experience was very good with them and they always try to accommodate me every time I called for replacement when some of the birds died or they offer refund. I am sure if you talk to them they will do their best to clear up the mishap. Give them another chance. Thanks
5/16/2014 7:55 AM report abuse
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I too am extremely disappointed, I ordered 2 Sebastopol geese and it took 4 days to get here, they came on Thursday and by Monday I was very much in love with them, they were so sweet and loved to snuggle then I noticed one had begun to get an offset lower beak, each day it got worse and after 2 trips to the vet nothing more could be done, my choices were watch him suffer and die from not being able to eat or put him down, I loved him greatly and this should never have happened from a reputable breeder, yes they did refund my money but that doesn't make up for sorrow of losing a much loved pet!! I am very sad over his condition.
6/23/2014 8:56 AM report abuse
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Thats sad to hear about the loss of all those ducks, plus the one with the lower beak. I have ordered prior and have had no issues with my ducks. They were even delivered over holiday and it took an extra day to arrive. They were health and happy. I have ordered a few more to add to my collection. Lets see how they do. So far I have been more than happy with customer service. They have helped with my lack of knowledge in raising these ducks, and another question I had.
7/7/2014 1:52 PM report abuse
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Post deleted by MARIAE 7/28/2014 10:14 PM 7/28/2014 10:01 PM report abuse
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First off, my condolences for everyone's grief. I've only ordered once and I've had a huge success even considering I had a couple of losses on my chick's 4th day. I had 30. I expected to lose more just because it's mail order and it's the heat of the summer. I'm not sure you can't just blame the very nature of mail order instead. McMurray has given me quite good service. I watched my tracking closely to find that my order arrived at my PO on a Sunday, so I went to the sorting facility by chance and was able to get them so they would get the attn needed. I'm just saying, sometimes we need to help the process along once it's out of McMurray's hands. I wish everyone the best and happiness. Wish me luck with my decision to get a couple of ducks. I just have to decide if I can wait until it's cooler or not.
8/17/2014 7:49 AM report abuse