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Topic: Feeding Turkey Babies (3 messages)

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Feeding Turkey Babies (3 messages)
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When you first get your turkey babies, be sure to first give them water for about 12 hours before introducing them to feed. The first feed they receive should be leafy greens. Weeds are great starters with their tender first growth. This prevents hardened bottoms. If you do have turkeys that already have this problem, I have found that a Q-tip and warm water cleans it up. Keep rinsing and wiping their bottoms and try not to pull the stuff with your fingers. Be careful of other turkeys picking their bottoms, you may have to keep them separate until it heals. MG
PS I have raised turkeys for over 20 years. I hope this helps everyone
3/28/2013 7:55 AM report abuse
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Melissa3, Thank you so much for this advise. Am getting my 1st batch next month and keep reading this daily just for this reason! It is people like you and the McMurrey staff that I look forward to reading. With your expertise I know I will be doing this. Thanks again from the bluegrass state!
4/9/2013 9:05 PM report abuse
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I too have hand raised *as pets* & farm members, turkeys for years. I have always provided water for about 6 hours, then introduced food.

This is how we feed from the 1st feeding til 4 to 5 wks old. I use an electric coffee grinder to pulvertize the feed crumbles into a powder state. The crumble bits or pellets are dry & hard and often difficult for any new chick to eat with their small beak. Hence, a lot of food is also wasted. Grinding the food enables them to eat more, process & digest it easier, with a big bonus of that, they grow faster & are always very healthy. It is *rare* we lose a baby.

The powdered food is digested with their water consumption sufficiently, that honestly, I "never" ever have to try to remove any excrement from their behinds. This way, their ratio of water to dry food is much more balanced.

They are also introduced to organic greens, which are also put thru a Juice Extractor or other such as Magic or Ultra Bullet to make them more easily eaten & digested. Doing this, you will also find they will have different food preferences. Rather cute as well as interesting to watch them pick & choose what they like best. Hope this is also helpful.
6/12/2013 11:16 PM report abuse