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Topic: Sick chicks (9 messages)

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Sick chicks (9 messages)
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Score: 1
What should I look for in determining if a chick is sick?
4/12/2013 9:44 AM report abuse
Score: 161
lethargic, head down, sticking to itself... those are first symptoms... are you having problems? or just wonder what to look for in the future?
4/16/2013 7:46 PM report abuse
Score: 2
help my pulletts are dying some kind of respirtory thing and eyes get kind of ucky, cause of this and how do i prevent it in the furtue
7/13/2013 5:48 PM report abuse
Score: 3
I just got my first order from McMurray Hatchery yesterday morning. We ordered a mixture of meat birds (15) as well as 10 layers. They threw in 2 extra birds, 1 meat and 1 exotic (turns out to be the same type of chick, 1 male and 1 female).
Anyway, 1 arrived dead. Six more have died since we got them yesterday morning - a total of 7 chicks out of 27. I know from what I've read - not to be surprised if you lose one or 2, but SEVEN? It's been very stressful, trying to help them and still watching them die. Is SEVEN a normal amount to lose?

Thanks. Donna G
3/18/2014 5:21 PM report abuse
Score: 21
I have 34 Isa Brown hens and sell my eggs at our Farmers Market for $4.50/ dozen.
Seven is a lot in my experience. I've never lost more than one in about 75. You say it is stressful. Imagine the stress to McMurray. They'll replace them free and there goes their profit. Now that is stress. Why do people never think of the businessman? They do everything possible to not have one chick die.
3/18/2014 6:27 PM report abuse
Score: 3
I wasn't bad mouthing McMurray. I am stressed that I watched more than 5 chicks die, taking their final breath in my hands. The amount I paid for them is being reimbursed, as I know what their policy is. I was simply trying to find out if that was a normal amount to lose. And as far as how much it costs McMurray, I'm sure it's not much considering they sell thousands of chicks every year. If it cost them THAT much that they were hurting, I'm sure they wouldn't be offering a refund. Thank you for your answer.
3/18/2014 6:37 PM report abuse
Score: 0
All my chicks Broiler chicks are dying!!!
My first order in early spring was great and I only lost one in transit.
I decided to order another 28 this summer and 3 died in transit and I've been losing chicks every day! I'm down to 5 and 2 of those 5 are already showing signs like the rest. Could they have the disease that everyone was talking about???
It's so sad so see the poor little things struggling and dying when I've given them such good care and all. I really like McMurray chicks as I have 28 regular assorted hens doing just great, but this has been really a sad experience.
7/30/2015 12:27 PM report abuse
Score: 1
I am having the same problem this is the worst company they are not doing anything about it my home hatched chicks are alive and well these MCMURRY chicks are dying!!! Called so call customer survice and that was a joke!!! First time customer who WONT be coming back
10/13/2015 10:12 AM report abuse
Score: 3
I have to say that I have never had a problem with McMurray refunding my money (credit) when I've lost chicks purchased from them. Its just sad to watch the chicks suffer and die.
10/13/2015 11:14 AM report abuse