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Topic: 14 day old Cayuga (2 messages)

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14 day old Cayuga (2 messages)
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Score: 5
First I'd like to say that my 3 ducks that I ordered came happy and thursty. They have grown so much in the short time we've had them.
When we just got them it was pretty easy to tell them apart by personality and a slight difference in size. They are much harder to tell now. One is a little heavier but that's the only difference.

I think they are already starting to get their feathers. A few bare spots on the wings. They have been quite intertaining and playful. It's just amazing to me how they naturally want to be in the water. So much so that I've had to impervise on my watering system 4 times already. I've just given up I guess ducks will be ducks.. Their names are Rose, Gloria and Petunia.

Can't wait until their first swim outside.

4/14/2013 9:47 AM report abuse
Score: 161
sound adorable! we lived in alaska for many years --- and i never wanted to kill them just because come winter --- i hope to get some ducks this year - now that we are in MT --- still have winters - but not as harsh as where we were -- i am not sure what ducks or how many to start wtih -- or if i even will get males --- i was thinking a couple of pairs though of the runners -- they just seem so cute --- but i am not sure... i don't want the mfor meat -- just the entertainment and eggs - if i can afford them
4/14/2013 2:44 PM report abuse