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Topic: Chicks with no Feathers on there Back! (4 messages)

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Chicks with no Feathers on there Back! (4 messages)
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I have 40 chicks that are 5 weeks old now and 3 of then are siler polish. They are the ones, the only ones, that are picking there own feathers out of the back and tail area. WHY????
4/16/2013 8:16 PM report abuse
Score: 161
does your brooder have a bright light on all the time? try a red lamp --- the bright light might be causing them to peck
4/17/2013 7:33 AM report abuse
Score: 1
I have 27 Turken chicks a week old and a red bulb for heat. They have tons of space. Everyone seems happy and healthy even the 1 chick of all my chicks who is picking it's own feathers everywhere but her wings. I have sat for hours watching (and trying to distract her) from doing this. None of the other birds are picking on her, she's doing it herself.

I have inspected her carefully for signs of sores or any kind of skin damage, rash or other irritation. There is none I can see. She seems to do do it before going to sleep. She grooms a bit around her wings perfectly normally, then begins plucking usually under her wings or on her chest. Then goes to sleep.

I'm totally at a loss. This isn't my first batch of chicks. I've just never had this issue before. I am considering a home made Elizabethan collar of some sort as I'm almost convinced it's a habit she's developed like human nail biting.

If anyone has encountered and found a cause/cure for this I'd welcome any advice.
6/8/2013 7:32 AM report abuse
Score: 13
Is it possible they have mites and are irritated or itchy? Look under their wings with a flashlight after dark. Try to get some FOOD GRADE (Codex) diatomaceous earth and pour it in a shallow dry depression in their coop or run. They'll likely use it to take a dust bath, and it will kill any mites. If they don't take a dust bath in it, just sprinkle them with it (put some in an old sock or use a baby powder bottle) Also dust the coop, nest boxes, perches, etc. I use a flour sifter to put a bit in their shavings, starting from day 1. Avoid breathing it in (wear a mask or bandana over your mouth/nose). It is not poisonous and works like microscopic sharp edges that slice into insects and dry them up. (It dries up poop in the shavings, too!) I also put some in their feed (1 or 2% by weight), and flies will not land on the chicken poop. Great fly control.
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