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You are Here: Home -> Forums -> General Discussion about Gardening -> anyone have a garden in yet?

Topic: anyone have a garden in yet? (4 messages)

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anyone have a garden in yet? (4 messages)
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still too early for where we are -- but getting anxious --- course it has been snowing for the past 5 days or so - finally today the sun is out again...

hope to have a garden this spring though, starting depends on when/if we are able to move this next month
4/17/2013 2:11 PM report abuse
Score: 11
Tinac, yes to early garden, least here in the bluegrass state. I did just put out potatoes and cabbage though. Tomatoes are safe later part of May here. Best of luck with yours.
4/17/2013 9:40 PM report abuse
Score: 0
No garden in NE Ohio just yet. Highs in the 40's lows near freezing. I'll probably get my window in 2 wks (mid May) I started a lot of my plants with seed in the house because I was dying to get my hands dirty.
4/22/2015 5:21 AM report abuse
Score: 1
Backyard gardener on the Rio Grande.
It is still too early to plant in NM. I am located Central to the state. Planting can start as early as mid-February for such things as spinach, spring greens, peas and cruciforms with proper mulching. Late freeze is possible to Easter.
Still, I am a flower gardener and I have hundreds of sleeping bulbs and seeds on the ground. I will be seeing flowers early spring first of March with shoots showing in February.
February is the month for pruning but, I can prune into April. I would be pruning now but, I am wintering in with surgical recovery. I plan to swing back into my acre by Spring.
1/16/2016 3:18 PM report abuse