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Topic: the ugly ducklings (5 messages)

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the ugly ducklings (5 messages)
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Score: 21
I ordered 3 buff ducklings (1 male and 2 female) when I got the call from my post office and went to pick them up I was very surprised when we opened the box to check on them. All three were alive and in good shape but were super large. The mail lady and I looked at each other and we said at the same time "those are geese." I called the hatchery to tell them about it and the nice lady I spoke with assured me they were ducklings but they don't act or look like any ducklings I've ever seen. They are bigger than 3 week old chickens, they have really thick legs, their bills are more pointed and when you first go into their house they crane their necks out and peep at you. I was told to e-mail pics of them to be identified but I couldn't find an e-mail addy, this was the only way I could find to show pics.
4/24/2013 9:13 AM report abuse
Score: 21
so these are geese right? look how tall they are compared to a 1 gal waterer. from all the info I've read on buff ducks, they aren't really supposed to get very big. If these turn out to be ducks I'll eat my hat
4/25/2013 8:56 AM report abuse
Score: 161
looks like the baby buffs here
4/25/2013 9:08 AM report abuse
Score: 21
they are way too big though and I've just had them a week as of today
4/25/2013 9:12 AM report abuse

McMurray Hatchery
They do look like the ducks. The Buff Ducks will weigh between 6-8 lbs when full grown. Waterfowl will grow very quickly compared to chicks. I received my ducks and geese the same week as you and they have doubled in size already.
4/25/2013 10:02 AM report abuse