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Topic: Guineas and turkeys ? (2 messages)

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Guineas and turkeys ? (2 messages)
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I know baby turkeys and chickens are a no no, can you raise baby guineas and baby turkeys together? Someone please answer quick my baby turkeys will be here soon.
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4/27/2013 11:09 PM report abuse
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Yes, you can. I have successfully done so several times. However, the differences in size of the 2 babies can post a real critical issue. G's (keets) are so much smaller than t's (poults) that this is the issue whereby the keets can easily be trampled, injured, or even killed by the poults, not out of any malice but just shear size difference, particularly, if they get scared or excited when you reach into their brooder to feed, water, or do anything. They eat the same food, so no problem there.

I have found that it helps to have them very used to the human hand, hold them, talk to them, & get them very familiar so that they are very "tame" and not easily excited when you approach them for better success and less risk of one hurting the other IF you are going to raise them together.

***Make sure*** they have plenty of room at all times. I raise & keep them ***AS PETS*** & enjoy the farm benefits they provide when grown as a "bonus" of having them. Hope this info helps.
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